Shreejitreat -RC
Shreejitreat RC is a rust converter, an advanced remedy in the field of rusting or corrosion of iron & metals. It works by converting rust into metallic complex. The treated surface becomes brown/grey/black colored within a short time, which prevents further rusting.
Advantages :
Shows good results in salt spray test (500hrs – better than red oxide/epoxy)
Gives maximum coverage per kg of 120 – 150sq.ft (better than red oxide/epoxy); hence it is effective and    economical compared to other traditional items
Converts rust into metallic complex, thus it protects the surface permanently by chemical change
Physical Properties

Appearance Light brown colored liquid
Specific gravity 1.04 to 1.06
Area Coverage

2.5 – 3.0

Specific gravity 120 - 150sq.ft per kg

Water if required (recommended direct use)

Reaction Time 2 to 3 hrs
Touch Dry 30 – 60mins (depending on climatic conditions)
How to Use
First remove the loose rust by means of stiff wire brush, remove oil & grease dirt by means of Shreejiclean – MP wash followed by water wash and allow the surface to dry. Apply Shreejitreat – RC in adequate quantity in single coat only (avoid multiple coating). Wash the surface with water after 3 – 4 hrs.
Automobile, locomotive and railway, shipping & oil drilling machinery & rigs, industrial fabrication, transformer parts like radiators, tanks, supporting channels, etc; applicable to all industries and fields where rusting is a problem.
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