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A specially treated high molecular weight, partially hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide polymer for all water based drilling fluid.
Shreejipol is a unique drilling Polymer which offers
Bentonite Extender
Viscosifying Agent
Flocculating Agent, and
Shale & Bore Hole Stabilizer.
Advantages : Apart from the above, Shreejipol gives the below
Controls water loss of Drilling Fluid
Improves plastic viscosity of drilling fluid
Compatible with most of the drilling fluid product
Promotes safe and speedy drilling
Physical Properties

Appearance Viscous Liquid
Color Colorless
Odour Odorless
Ionic Nature Anionic
pH 5 - 6
Solubility 100% Soluble in Water
2 to 4kgs of Shreejipol per ton of Bentonite Clay.
Shreejidefloc - XL
Flocculation is the agglomeration of particles into larger units called flocs, which settle and filter better due to their increased size. In recent years, water soluble organic polymers have been developed to provide more versatile and effective flocculation.

Shreejifloc – SA, flocculants should be considered wherever industrial processes require the separation of solid particles from aqueous solution during various stages of operations. It is required in many processes ranging from the recovery of valuable minerals to the disposal of industrial waste. These separation generally involves
Clarification of turbid water
Thickening or concentration of suspended solids
Conditioning of sludge prior to filtration/centrifugation
Solid/Liquid separation as part of any manufacturing process
Grades: We have three grades depending on the effective pH range
1. Shreejifloc – SA (9-14)
2. Shreejifloc – SA (0-6)
3. Shreejifloc – SA (6-9)
Physical Properties:
Grades Shreejifloc – SA (9-14) Shreejifloc – SA (0-6) Shreejifloc – SA (6-9)
Appearance Amber Colored Jelly Colorless Jelly Yellow Jelly
Nature Anionic Non-Ionic Anionic
Specific Gravity 1.01 1.02 1.04
pH (as supplied) 3.0 - 3.5 6.0 – 7.0 7.0 – 8.0
Solubility (in water) 100% soluble 100% soluble 100% soluble
Effective pH range 9.0 – 14.0 0.0 – 6.0 6.0 – 9.0
Advantages :
1. Shreejifloc – SA, helps to recover valuable materials/minerals from going down the drain
2. Shreejifloc – SA helps to improve the clarity of the overflow, thus enables reutilization of the overflow water
Uses :
1. In ceramic industry it helps to recover clay from their affluent treatment plant
2. In paper industry it helps to recover pulp from the waste water in their affluent treatment plant
Shreejitreat -RC
Shreejitreat RC is a rust converter, an advanced remedy in the field of rusting or corrosion of iron & metals. It works by converting rust into metallic complex. The treated surface becomes brown/grey/black colored within a short time, which prevents further rusting.
Advantages :
Shows good results in salt spray test (500hrs – better than red oxide/epoxy)
Gives maximum coverage per kg of 120 – 150sq.ft (better than red oxide/epoxy); hence it is effective and    economical compared to other traditional items
Converts rust into metallic complex, thus it protects the surface permanently by chemical change
Physical Properties

Appearance Light brown colored liquid
Specific gravity 1.04 to 1.06
Area Coverage

2.5 – 3.0

Specific gravity 120 - 150sq.ft per kg

Water if required (recommended direct use)

Reaction Time 2 to 3 hrs
Touch Dry 30 – 60mins (depending on climatic conditions)
How to Use
First remove the loose rust by means of stiff wire brush, remove oil & grease dirt by means of Shreejiclean – MP wash followed by water wash and allow the surface to dry. Apply Shreejitreat – RC in adequate quantity in single coat only (avoid multiple coating). Wash the surface with water after 3 – 4 hrs.
Automobile, locomotive and railway, shipping & oil drilling machinery & rigs, industrial fabrication, transformer parts like radiators, tanks, supporting channels, etc; applicable to all industries and fields where rusting is a problem.
Shreejiclean MP
Shreejiclean MP is a multipurpose cleaning and degreasing agent used in many industry for their cleaning purposes. It is used where oily and greasy dirt is to remove from the surface before rust preventive coating or painting is done.
 Excellent cleaning effect with efficiently removing unwanted oil & grease from the surface
 Being neutral in pH, it has no adverse effect on skin
Physical Properties


Viscous liquid

Color Slightly yellow


Specific gravity 1.04
pH 7.5

Water (Dilute before use)

Automobile, locomotive and railway, shipping & oil drilling machinery & rigs, industrial fabrication, transformer parts like radiators, tanks, supporting channels, etc.
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