SHREEJIBIND - Ceramic Binder for Traditional & Advance Ceramics
A ceramic binder which improves the mechanical strength of green ceramic bodies so they can pass through the production process easily before firing without breakage. It also provides strength to the body in green stage for proper shaping and molding
Enhances Green MOR by 3 – 4 times in Slip Casting and Plastic Body and 2 times in Dry Pressing
Debinding temperature below 350° C
Leaves minimal amount of ash after firing (<2.5% )
To adjust the stiffness & plasticity in stiff casting & powder compaction in ceramic bodies
High powder loading due to its low viscosity in slip casting
Improves flexibility of green product
Low foam when formulated with ceramic powders
Unlike other water based materials is highly insensitive to changes in humidity
Can be blended with other lower or higher ceramic binders
Physical Properties

Appearance Clear Liquid
Color Colorless
Odour Odorless
pH 7.0
Solubility 100% Soluble in Water
Depending on the process used and type of product (pottery, sanitary ware, Ferrite manufacturing, etc), we supply Shreejibind in three grades; viz:Shreejibind – HH (For high hardness product); Shreejibind – MH (For medium hardness product); and Shreejibind – LH (For low hardness product).
A. Advance Ceramics
  1. Ferrite manufacturing y etc
  2.Capacitor manufacturing
  3. Ceramic Fiber processing
  4. Thick film Tape casting (Ink)
  5. High alumina bod
B. Traditional ceramics
  1. Blue pottery
  2. Bone china (Table ware)
  3. Complex shape sculptures
  4. Sanitary ware etc.
3% + 1% based on process used.
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