Shreeji Insulate - 80
Shreeji Insulate – 80 is used in the manufacturing/repairing of paper covered conductors, and in the construction of oil filled Power & Distribution Transformers. It is a room temperature curing insulating adhesive which does not contain any solvents.

Shreeji Insulate - 80 is the most preferred product in the transformer industry which offers max insulation up to 1.6KV with quick curing time.
Advantages:  Apart from the above, Shreeji Insulate - 80 gives the below
Room temperature curing adhesive
Fully cured bond is resistant to transformer oil & chlorinated di-phenyl
Contains all eco-friendly chemicals
Physical Properties

Appearance Viscous Liquid
Color Colorless
Odour Odorless
pH 7
Solubility 100% Soluble in Water
Thinner DM/Distilled water
Drying/Curing Time 4 to 8 hrs room temperature
Used by manufacturer & repairer of Power & Distribution Transformer
For Copper-Aluminum coil winding with insulation paper
For sticking press board to make block/duct to avoid slip
For cotton tape wrapping on LV-HV coil covered with insulating paper
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