A specially treated high molecular weight, partially hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide polymer for all water based drilling fluid.
Shreejipol is a unique drilling Polymer which offers
Bentonite Extender
Viscosifying Agent
Flocculating Agent, and
Shale & Bore Hole Stabilizer.
Advantages : Apart from the above, Shreejipol gives the below
Controls water loss of Drilling Fluid
Improves plastic viscosity of drilling fluid
Compatible with most of the drilling fluid product
Promotes safe and speedy drilling
Physical Properties

Appearance Viscous Liquid
Color Colorless
Odour Odorless
Ionic Nature Anionic
pH 5 - 6
Solubility 100% Soluble in Water
2 to 4kgs of Shreejipol per ton of Bentonite Clay.
Oil Field Chemicals